Uncle Simon’s Crimbo leftovers breakfast potato cake


OK, so he’s not my uncle he’s my 20 month old daughter’s uncle (which obviously makes him my brother) and in thanks to the stupendous and generous Christmas feast he prepared for us (ably assisted by his girlfriend) I have named this, the first of this year’s many Christmas leftover dishes, after him. Hopefully, in the days to come, I’ll post all the left over dishes I’ve managed to get through, there should be a few…

I love the food related theatre of Christmas but if I’m honest what I really look forward to, every year, is the challenge of wasting NOTHING from the vast amounts purchased and prepared. So first off is the Crimbo leftover breakfast potato cake. And it’s very simple. I won’t be giving any measurements as leftover quantities will vary and I doubt no other household over does the mash quite like we do!

Take the cold crimbo leftovers of Jamie Oliver’s stuffing recipe and chop (add fresh herbs if you like) Spoon amounts of the plentiful mash made on Christmas day (ours happened to be colcannon) and mix in a bowl. Add extra seasoning. If you’ve got a fair amount you may want to add an egg to bind and flour until the mixture isn’t too sticky. Test fry a small amount in a frying pan on medium heat to make sure it doesn’t break up or go too soggy when fried. If OK, flour your hands and make into balls and drop into hot butter. After a minute or so flatten to around 15 mm. Fry until golden brown on both sides and top with a fried egg! Lovely!

Jo’s constructive critique: “…next time, leave the potato and stuffing in bigger chunks” but it was mashed potato, but yes darling, point taken!


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