Christmas leftover Turkey & Ham bake with refried veggies

  • Left over meals made since Christmas: 2 (plus 2 more in freezer)
  • Post Christmas day food thrown away so far: Two bags of rocket which were hidden behind the left over Turkey! Damn, the perils of a fridge choc full of leftovers!

Only one thing warms the cockles more than seeing old friends from foreign climes at Christmas and that is using up Christmas leftovers on old friends from foreign climes at Christmas! I’d invited our Canadian friends, Si & Sheila over for lunch and I had every intention of providing them a leftover Turkey and Ham pie, but considering we’d already had a post Christmas turkey pie I didn’t much fancy it again. I was a little stuck and a cursory look in the fridge wasn’t much help, it revealed the following…

  • Leftover Turkey (a lot)
  • Christmas Ham (plenty)
  • Half a dozen roast potatoes (not enough for 4 people)
  • 4 Yorkshire puds (looking sorry for themselves several days after their Christmas day pomp)
  • 4 cooked chipolata sausages wrapped in streaky bacon (even more pitiful looking than the yorkies)
  • Some Chantenay carrots cooked in tarragon
  • Some peas and sprouts cooked with pancetta
  • Some odds and sods of cheese (Brie, Stilton, smoked Wensleydale & flaked Parmesan)

So, Turkey & Ham pie and reheated accompaniments it is! However, I found this recipe and decided to adapt it by removing the sherry (I didn’t have any and my friend is teetotal), replacing the wholegrain mustard (again, I didn’t have any) with English mustard and combining the Wensleydale, Stilton and Brie instead of the Cheddar (none of that either!). That took care of Turkey, Ham, Peas, cheese and chipolata sausages (added sliced) from the above list! But what to do with Yorkshire puds and potatoes? The Yorkshire puds reminded me of brioche and the cheese sauce of custard so I attempted do a savoury bread an butter style topping much to the scepticism of my other half.  I sliced the Yorkshires and remaining potatoes into strips and scattered on top of the sauce with extra wensleydale and the parmesan and baked as per the recipe. They made for an excellent crunchy cheesy topping!

Filling pre-cheese sauce
Chopping up the yorkies
Pre-baked with Yorkshire pudding and potato topping

The carrots and sprouts (which I removed from the peas and pancetta as I didn’t think stumbling across a soggy cheesy sprout was acceptable) were diced and fried in butter with onions, thyme, garlic and grated lemon zest and finished off with chopped spring onions.

Seconds were had by all with several portions leftover for the freezer. The latter bringing me as much satisfaction as the former…

Jo’s constructive critique: “…that Yorkshire pudding topping worked much better than I expected!” Yes darling, never forget that most things taste good smothered in melted cheese and baked in the oven!


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