Leftover Beef Masaman

  • Left over meals made since Christmas:  5 (plus 3 more in freezer)
  • Post Christmas day food thrown away so far: Two bags of rocket and a punnet of sweaty mushrooms.

This recipe really caught my thrifty eye when i saw that it used up not only the last of the Christmas day beef but also some of those other festive yearly purchases – dry roasted peanuts. Plus there’s always plenty of uncooked potatoes hanging around after Christmas especially when people buy enough to feed the entire street!

Paste created in my battered old processor.

Even though I didn’t have shrimp paste or lemongrass this homemade paste smelled amazing and with the cheeky addition of some leftover beef gravy the results were tremendous, fragrant and beefy! This one has gone into the freezer, to be forgotton for a month then excitedly discovered under a bag of frozen peas, the culinary equivalent of finding a £20 note in some old pants!

Masaman ready for the freezer using my patented sharpie and magic tape labelling system.

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