Christmas leftover Turkey Balti

Super tasty leftover Turkey curry with bombay potatoes
  • Left over meals made since Christmas:  8 (plus 3 more in freezer)
  • Post Christmas day food thrown away so far: Two bags of rocket and a punnet of sweaty mushrooms.

The penultimate Christmas leftover meal! It’s been a week long slog of using up a fridge full of cooked and uncooked leftovers and I’m feeling particularly virtuous. I’ve thrown very little away and can probably feed the family for another week or two without another trip the supermarket. In fact the house account took such a hammering before Christmas that we are left with £144 to spend on food until the end of the Month and I’m hoping to spend less than that! It’s a challenge, but with some good planning and targeted food purchasing (there will be none of that turning up at the supermarket without a list) it’s doable. Less a recipe, more a musing on the art of food thrift!

I’ve attempted to make many curries and none have ever really come close to that take-out/curry house feel. This recipe does and it’s the making of the balti sauce that does It. It can be a little time consuming so in future I’ll be making in batches and freezing ahead. Follow the recipe but just add the cooked turkey a few minutes from the end. This also benefits from adding some Turkey stock early on in the cooking process.

Elsa helping out with the chopping up of veg

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