New Year Pea & Ham soup

Soaked split peas and ham stock
  • Left over meals made since Christmas:  9 (plus 3 more in freezer)
  • Post Christmas day food thrown away so far: Two bags of rocket and a punnet of sweaty mushrooms.

This is it! The final Christmas leftover meal and a special one. Christmas for me starts when I make the Christmas ham and finishes when I make the Pea and Ham soup using the stock, already full of flavours from the Onion, carrot, leek, bay, black peppercorns and cloves, that the ham was cooked in. It’s a no brainer really!

It’s also a real suppertime comfort food to me as I was an avid Heinz Pea and Ham soup fan when I was a boy. I remembered late night trips into my gran’s old pantry brimming with tins upon tins of soup. As a small boy from a poor single parent family to me this was a wonderful cupboard of plenty, an Aladdin’s cave of Heinz and Baxters! And that’s the best bit about this soup, it’s as close to Heinz version as you can get! I’ve seen recipes online using frozen peas, but they just don’t give the same savoury, hearty hit that the split peas give.

8-9 portions of Pea & Ham soup for the freezer.

It’s cheap too, all you need is the stock from your ham, chopped up leftover ham and split peas (around 250g per litre of stock) at around 50p a bag. Soak your peas over night, drain then add to the stock. Bring to the boil and skim off any foam (there will be a lot) then simmer for 50 mins or until the peas are soft. Blend until fairly smooth (don’t over do it) then add the chopped ham. Allow to cool and then stick in the freezer for those nights when you need a little comfort supper.

Jo’s constructive critique: “…what’s that Smell? Oh, I don’t like Pea & Ham soup…” Ah well, more for me then!


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