Leftover sausage and pappardelle with garlic and chilli

A truly super leftover meal

The first none Christmas leftover meal of the year and one that I didn’t expect a lot of to be honest! We didn’t have much time or much in the fridge as most of the leftovers had been consigned to the freezer. But what we did have was a few cooked sausages and some pappardelle…

All that was required to lift this to culinary magic was a couple of little extras, garlic, chili, a tomato (deseeded and diced) fresh parsely (also knocking around after Christmas!) and the secret ingredient, philidelphia (or whatever soft cheese that’s lying around). Boil some salted water, add pappardelle (or penne would work equally as well) and then wait ten mins as the rest takes no time at all. Read the paper, wash up, or simply take time to reflect upon the human condition. Then, finely chop the garlic and chili add to a frying pan of butter and oil, fry for a few mins, add the sausage (if your feeling really creative chop into atractive diaginal one inch pieces) and coat throughly with the oil, chili and garlic. Add the chopped tomatoes, stir and then add a table spoon of cream cheese and stir to make a sauce. Add pappardelle and mix in a good hand full of fresh parsely. Top with black pepper and parmesan.

Easy, thrifty, tasty!


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