January food thrift

The battered second freezer, filled to the brim with Christmas leftovers and other things...

Let’s be honest we all buy too much food and a lot of it get’s thrown away. I’m determined to change that in our house. A few months back, rather than pop to the supermarket, I decided to do a food stock check to see if there really wasn’t much in the house to eat. I was shocked to find that with planning, there was enough to feed a family of 4 (there’s only three of us) for at least two weeks! It was like I had an unplanned apocalypse larder!

With that in mind and considering my post Christmas drive to use up all leftovers I felt it was time to do it again. Not surprisingly the results were astounding…

Built in freezer

  • Big bag of peas
  • 1lb of pork mince
  • 3lb of beef mince
  • 2 x garlic bread
  • 8 x garlic tortilla
  • 2 x fishcake or potatoe cake (not sure there’s no labeling!)
  • Sml bag of seafood selection
  • Sml portion of blue cheese
  • 4 x scones (mediocre)
  • 4 x mince pies (awesome)
  • Gin & Tonic sorbet (Oh yes!)
  • Lardons
  • Fish fingers
  • 5 slices of belly pork
  • 4 x chocolate buns (bad)
  • Chickpea and spinach curry
  • Another bag of peas!
  • Sml bag of chips
  • Sml bag of roast potatoes

Stand alone freezer (leftovers)

  • Deep breath…
  • 1 ptn turkey & ham bake
  • 500ml home made chicken stock
  • 2 ptn beef & squash curry
  • 2 ptn turkey noodle soup
  • 2 ptn neck of lamb stew
  • 2 ptn fennel soup
  • 2 ptn of pot luck soup (that’s not the name of an interesting flavour I just don’t know what it is!)
  • 1 ptn of pot luck soup
  • 1 ptn Jansens temptation
  • 1 ptn chicken noodle soup
  • 2 ptn beef stew
  • 2 ptn 5 spice beef
  • 1 ptn shepherds pie?
  • 6 x tortilla wraps
  • 1 x big pie filling
  • 4 x pitta bread
  • 11 x crumpet
  • 1 bag of oven chips
  • 2 x sml baps
  • 1 x sml bag of breadcrumbs + 3 slices to be made into breadcrumbs
  • 3 x Uncle Simon’s leftover potatoe cakes
  • 3 x seekh kebabs
  • 3 ptn beef masaman curry
  • 6 x meatballs (really old)
  • 2 x wrap pies (from bury market)
  • 1 x bury black pudding (from bury market)
  • 7 ptns pea & ham soup
  • Parkin
  • 6 x potatoe cakes (made for Elsa when a baby)
  • 2 ptn of pot luck soup
  • 2 ptn of Christmas minestrone
  • 2 ptn turkey balti

That didn’t include what was in the rice/pasta/pulses cupboard or the tin cupboard..So, taking the list into account the plan is to try and spend as little at the supermarket as possible in January. I reckon it’s doable considering the amount that’s stored away in the freezers. February, however, might be a bit trickier, there won’t be any leftovers to rely on and I need to make sure I’m well planned. I feel the need for a sauce making day in the next couple of weeks. One where I get up early not to waste too much family time in the kitchen and bulk make 4 or 5 sauces for use over the next couple of months. The trick is to have something in for when you feel really stuck and end up blowing £20 on a take-away. Just think of the fresh food that £20 could buy…

So what’s all this thrift about anyway? There’s a few things, two short term things and one other thing. The two short term things are wanting to clear some debts and saving up for a deposit. The other is one of principle. I hate waste, especially food waste and I also believe that good food doesn’t have to be expensive. Hopefully over the next year I’ll be able to test the two out.


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