Thankyou Tyrell’s

What a lovely package - a free box of my favorite crisps!

I’m a big fan of Tyrell’s, probably my favorite crisps. It’s that hearty thick crunch that, unlike some brands, makes you feel you are still eating something that was once a potato! Plus I’m a sucker for their approach to design and quirky brand exemplified in their lovely website. However, last week we bought a packet of Mature Cheddar and Chive flavour only to discover upon opening it that a third of the contents were missing! What to do? We couldn’t return it to where we bought it as there was no reason to believe we hadn’t just scoffed the missing third! So, armed with what I though was a batch number, in the hope that they had realised a large swathe of their products were missing a third of their contents I e-mailed Tyrell’s and explained the situation. They said they hadn’t had a nationwide production meltdown and my semi-bag was likely a one off. They offered, as an apology, a box of samples. That’s generous I thought until that box turned up and it was in fact 4 full sized bags with a shop value of nearly £10. Very generous, considering they had absolutely no reason to believe me! So thank you Tyrell’s. You’re excellent customer service has kept us in crisps for a couple of weeks and introduced me to your Stilton & Grape flavour which is far better than I could ever have imagined!


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