Is there anything better than… Proper Carbonara

Comfort in a bowl - Carbonara

This is another reason why I love Italian food. This is so simple yet the results so fabuous; a dish greater than the sum of its parts. It’s one of those dishes you want to keep eating. Not because it’s exquisite technical cooking but because it’s comforting and delicious. And what’s ‘proper’ about it you might ask? Well, there’s no cream, just a sauce made from eggs and cheese.

It’s also a great end of month dish. Long month January, especially when you get paid before Christmas and especially when your other half has been bemoaning the lack of interesting food left in the house for the past two weeks! Thankfully this ticks the box of being both interesting and using up stuff you’ve probably got lying around.

So first off, drop your pasta shape of choice into a pan of boiling salted water (I used macaroni this time because it was all we had in! I’m sure this is probably considered a bit plebby in some parts!). Whilst it’s cooking fry a clove of garlic and some cubed pancetta in some butter (prefferably unsalted European butter French or Italian) until the garlic goes brown. Discard the garlic. Once cooked add the pasta to the pancetta then add 40g of grated parmesan and 40g of grated pecorino. Make sure the pan is off the heat and cooled slightly and add the beaten egg. Be careful not to scramble it. Add black pepper and mix well to form a sauce. Serve. Eat. Enjoy.

Recipe taken from The Silver Spoon.


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  1. Lianne Bradshaw says:

    UN-salted butter??? Surely that’s a typo? It’s illegal in this neck o’ the woods…

    1. dickyboy1974 says:

      No typo I’m just taking the blog in a different direction. The next post will be about bangers and mash made with quorn sausages and soya milk and benecol mash! He he, don’t worry we’ve not gone all health bonkers over here but you have given me an idea for a butter related post… watch this space! Anyway, glad you haven’t got bored and are still reading. Thanks ;o)

  2. Jo says:

    I suppose technically it’s not ‘proper’ seeing as you used macaroni, but I can confirm it was truly delicious. yum, the kind of food that makes you want to eat it again as soon as youve finished! and miles better than the months old, random, unlabelled frozen stuff you’ve been trying to palm off on me (my darling)!!! ;o)

  3. Mick & Daina says:

    Never tried it without cream added to the eggs (and a glug of white wine in the fried pancetta). Must give your recipe a go next time. Suspect it will be good with linguine.
    This week’s acronym: Cheese And Regal Bacon Obligingly Nourish A Rustic Appetite.

    1. dickyboy1974 says:

      I may have been a bit hasty with the term ‘proper’, I suspect there are as many versions of carbonara as there are regions of Italy. I mean let’s be honest, when has the addition of wine and cream to a dish not been to its benefit?!?! Loving the acronyms, a great addition to the posts!

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