It’s good, but it’s not right… Reese’s sports porridge

That unmistakable reese's colour scheme.

You may think this post absolutely disgraceful, that somebody who professes to love food so much could do something so downright filthy! And it is filthy! Utterly filthy! I’m sure over the coming months/years/millenia you’ll get to know my unhealthy obsession with all things Reese’s, to the extent that I’ve literally bought the t-shirt! It’s the combination of sweet and salt that I really adore which I initially discovered my liking for in chocolate covered pretzels. Alas, they are much harder to come by these days.

I play football every week and part of my pre-football ritual is to consume porridge 2 hrs before I play. It’s an exact science. 1hr before is too late and it sits heavy in my stomach giving me sports heartburn! 3hrs before and the energy boost it gives comes too early and I’m hopeless (well, more hopeless). Porridge is a worthy substance, pretty bland, pretty stodgy so I’m always looking at ways to spruce it up.

In the past I’ve tried a few different things but the best so far has been banana, honey, a good peanut butter and salt. So surely a broken up Reese’s peanut butter cup could top this off? Well yes it could. It looked several shades of wrong (and I’ve not photographed it because of that) but with a little extra honey and extra salt (yes, more salt) it was cracking! A fine use of a Reese’s peanut butter cup!


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  1. Mike says:

    Sorry Rich, but Reese’s should be stopped at the border. It would soon speed up Scottish independence if they heard that this kind of thing happened to porridge south of the border!

    1. dickyboy1974 says:

      I know, it’s porridge sacrilege, a disgrace (but it did improve my performance!). I’m beginning to think Reese’s is the confectionery equivalent of marmite!

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