A pound well spent – Camembert.

This used to contain camembert!

What can you get for a pound these days? Or should I rephrase that? What can you get for a pound these days that once you’ve eaten it makes the fact that it only cost a pound seem utterly absurd?!


Yes, only a pound. OK, this is only bog standard camembert from a supermarket but baked in the oven this is transformed into a two person fondue that’s utterly indulgent. And that makes it only 50p per person!!! I cannot think how I could possibly buy anything for 50p that could give me the level of pleasure that half a baked camembert does. It’s not possible. It really isn’t.

So, unwrap and place back into it’s wooden container. Prick the top with a fork all over and rub with garlic and white wine. Bake in the oven at around 200 for 15-20 mins until the centre is runny. Score the top and peel back the rind, eat it if you wish (baked it takes on a slight crunch on top). Use nice bread or potatoes or anything you desire to scoop out the centre (we used bread sticks and asparagus) and try not to forget this only cost you a pound…

OK, so Jo has just informed me that this was on offer!


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  1. Mick & Daina says:

    Had this recently in a restaurant. Won’t embarrass the chef, but he left the paper wrapping on, which didn’t help the overall effect. When done properly: Cheese and Macon easily meltingly baked, equals runny treasure.

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