Broccoli stalks

2014-02-05 10.35.30

Who’d have thought it? Of all the places I’ve eaten and all the food I’ve tried over the past 18 months it’s broccoli stalks that have driven me to return to the blog! Well, OK, it’s not the broccoli stalks themselves but an article on the most recent Food & Drink show. And it’s not necessarily the article more my reaction to it, which was: Why the hell aren’t you blogging you fool?! I’ve been eating broccoli stalks for years and now the Food & Drink show have taken it mainstream and are in danger of making me look like I’m jumping on a thrift laden bandwagon! Damn! If only I’d have kept up with my blog I could have been on the recent Sainsburys’ adds championing what to do with floor scrapings and bits of food you find behind the fridge. Ah well. Perhaps the thrifty zeitgeist is coming to an end and I’ve missed the boat. No matter. It’s not a case of fad for me, it’s a case of compulsion! I love making the most out of nothing and I love the cheaper, less loved foods. I’ll be still doing it when people are bored of thrift and run back to buying fillet steak and foie gras!

Anyway, back to those broccolli stalks… It was good old Jamie Oliver who (televisually anyway) first extolled the virtues of eating veg stalks, (well ok, it was actually beardy-Brian the gardener) when he cut open a cabbage stalk and scoffed it right there and then in the garden! My initial thoughts were; what is the savagery, is civilisation on the cusp of collapse? Then, shortly after, I read about a lady who started a soup company making broccoli and cauliflower soups from the stalks that nobody wanted and I thought there must be something in this. And there is, they’re lovely, versatile and full of goodness. Peel the hard outside skin and eat raw or slice finely for stir fries or salads. You’ve paid for them, you might as well eat them!


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